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Joan Ulrich

Joan is a friend of many years. She makes elegant and distinctive functional ware.

Lois Aronow

We are friends of many years,and used to share a studio, but more than that, Lois does fine work! Check out her mugs, bowls & vases at:

May Luk

May is a former studio mate. She makes quirky, modern, functional porcelain. Check it out at:

Janine Sopp

I used to share a studio with Janine. She does a wide range of beautiful, functional ware, and sculptural pieces, with Moroccan influences:

Brooklyn Potters

A tri-state organization which has five meetings a year. We are active in the "Empty Bowls" hunger-relief project, and have ceramic-related speakers and workshops.

Matthew Yanchuck

You probably have seen Matt's ceramics in many craft galleries around the country. I've known Matt for years through our association with Brooklyn Potters and Brooklyn Artisans Gallery. He also sells on the site, but here's his personal Web site:

Tribeca Potters

A large studio in NYC which houses the following five ceramic artists:

Patti Rogaff; Judy Jackson (; Matt Yanchuck (; Bari Moss;

Darin Gehrke

I used to teach with Darin at the Educational Alliance Art School. He has moved out of the city, but he still makes beautiful, work.

Rene Murray

Another long-time friend, Rene makes stunning ceramic sculpture.

Ragnar Naess

A friend of long standing and a wonderful artist -- beautiful work!

Wendy Allen

I first met Wendy here in Brooklyn. She now lives in Arizona, where she does amazing plates and tiles with nature-themed designs in vibrant colors.

Melissa Green

Beautiful sgraffito-decorated functional ware and Judaica, as well as silver clay jewelry, are Melissa's forte. In addition, she and her husband, Les, have started a new company that promotes fair play in student sports. Check out her work at and visit her new company at

Ellen E. Day

A wonderful ceramic sculptor, Ellen ran the ceramics program at Craft Students League before it was dismantled. She is now the owner of Brickhouse Ceramic Art Center, offering classes and studio space.

Doreen Baskin

A longtime friend and previous studio mate, Doreen makes sculptural forms with unique and fabulous imagery.

Clayart Website

Lots of ceramic artists! and

Educational Alliance Art School

This is an art school within a non-profit organization, serving the Lower East Side community of New York City. I teach handbuilding and throwing to adults.

La Mano Pottery

A teaching studio in the Chelsea area of Manhattan where I teach throwing.

Third Avenue Clay

This teaching studio in Brooklyn is run by two long-time friends, Adrienne Yurick and Geraldine Gventer. Visit their site at:

Clayworks on Columbia

A long-standing, community-oriented ceramics studio offering classes and studio space:

Artists Who Teach

Visit this Web site of artists who teach their art:

Put Some Punch In That Bowl

This is a great blog dedicated to all things punch, and everything that goes with it.

Sean Curran

While having the distinction of being one of the top-echelon animators in his day job, Sean is a longtime friend and a consummate artist with a camera. Visit his photo blog for amazing images from New York and his travels around the world.

Mister Boomer

Are you a Baby Boomer or interested in the Boomer Generation? Check out this blog written by a boomer for boomers -- and everyone who loves one.


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